13th Age: Time of Troubles

The curious case of the quiet ship

Summary of the nights events.

Thorin the elf/dwarf, Evel the clerical rune reader, and XXXX the dark elf sorcerer with a shady history were asked to investigate a ship that had docked recently in the harbor but had been uncharacteristically sill during days following its arrival.

After casing the ship best they could during the day under the guise of sailors looking for work, they returned at night with the plan sneak Thorin on board via his teleportation ability while Evel and XXXX distracted the guards with an act of drunken sailors returning bitter from being denied work.

After a fight broke out between the distraction and the guards, Thorin was seen slipping into the bottom of the ship but he was able to lock the door behind him. As the fight escalated outside, Thorin ventured lower into the ship and discovered many magical beasts in cages and a man (by the looks of it the last of 4-5 people) who was to be butchered for food for the creatures.

During this time Evel has managed to toss two sailors into the harbor, while XXXX’s anger was awoken and he burnt another sailor to a crisp.

Shortly after Thorin released the prisoner, 4-5 goblins attacked in an effort to stop him. However they choose the wrong fight, as when the muck has settled, all the goblins lay slain on the floor.

Quickly they fled with scene with the rescued prisoner and fled into the night without further incident.



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